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Our air conditioning unit went out on a Friday afternoon after 4:00 pm the first weekend in August. I called and left a message after hours. At 8:01 am on Saturday morning I received a call from their office and one of the technicians Tristen was at our home within two (2) hours. He was very professional, explained what had happened to the unit. He then gave us a quote to replace the unit and we were scheduled for a Monday install. Mike and all of the individuals we have worked with us at EJ’s Heating and Air over the past ten (10) years have made a very unpleasant situation better. I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their hearing and air issues. Customer Service, quality and professionalism are still alive and well at this company. We will be recommending them to family and friends. Thank you again for everything.

Lisa DesjardinsSmith

Good people who won’t over sell you stuff you don’t need!

Crimson Jax

Honest and responsive! I am extremely gratelful that they were able to move quickly to restore the A/C to our home. I felt like they actually cared. Well done EJ’s!

Jerome Redmond

EJ’s Heating & Air were absolutely amazing. They were incredibly fast to respond and get someone out when our AC unit died a horrible and painful death. Their prices were absolutely fair and reasonable. Tina, on the phone, was wonderfully professional and patient in answering all of my questions and my mom’s questions (my mom was helping me since this was my first time dealing with this kind of thing and I was clueless). Lundy, both Jasons, and all their crew were incredibly amazing in getting out here quickly and getting our home taken care of and getting AC back so FAST. It was awesome. They were all super friendly and professional, I cannot thank them enough. I could tell they were all trying to get us the best price for the ACCURATE AC unit that our home needed. And it was truly a fair price. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you EJ’s for taking care of my home and family! (Just for clarification- The picture does not do it justice, it is absolutely up to code and our second unit is not- but wasn’t needing replacement yet so still falls under old rules. It is leveled and perfect.)

Teresa K

These guys were great. We built a new home and they did the install. When I looked at the different companies and everything, what I liked about them was they have been around a long time. To me that meant good solid people that I could trust. Thanks for the great experience. Building can be tough but the a/c was awesome ( except for the inspector which turned out wrong and wasted both of our times) super awesome company which I highly recommend. 🙂

Thomas A Wingate

I strongly recommend Ej’s. I have never had I complaint and have used them for years.

Stormy Jackson

I cannot say enough good things about EJ’s Heat and Air. We had originally called another company as our AC went out at night and they were 24 hour service. Next time, we will wait until EJ’s is open no matter what. The other company tried to charge us $2050 (their warranty price!) for work that EJ’s did for the service fee. They were quick and professional. Due to our very positive experience we will also do their yearly maintenance program.

Megan Carroll

When it’s 94 degrees and the A/C goes out, the last thing you want to deal with are companies who don’t keep appointments. Save yourself the headache and go straight to EJ’s Heat and Air. These folks are prompt, professional, and courteous, and they don’t quit until they find the problem and fix it right. Thank you!

Ricki Wilson

Knowledgeable, fast, friendly, honest, dependable, fair. We had 2 units and a furnace replaced plus installed two returns and a new vent. Wrapped up on time and on budget. 2 days. Price was what I expected and I feel like I got what I paid for. Addressed all of our issues from the builder installed units and made small improvements that will make I big difference. I would give them a 4.5 rating of I could. Only minor areas for improvement for a full 5 starts would be in cleanliness and final quality assurance. There were a few handprints we had to clean up after they left, and a small amount of sheetrock dust that they couldn’t catch (dropcloths may help). I would have appreciated an “end of service” walk through and general “quality of service” check to show all systems were operational and all contacts were connected. I’m 99% confident we’ll make it through the warranty period.

Gordon Klundt

Had a power outage and when power came back AC wasn’t working. Called EJs as I knew my neighbor was also having service done for the same thing. Justin came in, fixed the issue and was done within 30 minutes. Great service with good prices, appreciate the speed and efficiency.

Devin Kipp