Our Team

At EJ’s Heating and Air, we often receive praises from our clients on the professionalism of our technicians. We strongly believe an excellent experience for our clients begins with our outstanding team of technicians. We are happy to support our employees and pride ourselves on the courtesy and expertise we instill in our technicians from day one.

As a client, you can rest assured that you will receive honest, hard work from our technicians from the moment they ring your doorbell. EJ’s Heating and Air strives to provide a smooth, easy exchange between technician and client when diagnosing and correcting whatever ails your home or business HVAC system.

Are You Looking For A New Career?

We are always looking for top-notch technicians to join our family. We provide frequent and thorough training on new HVAC technology and products for our employees, making EJ’s Heating and Air the best possible “next step” for your career.

We will always strive to keep our clients AND employees satisfied and take care of for them for the long haul. If you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to submit your resume and contact information.